Stay Summer Ready with These Must Have Skincare Products for 2024

Stay Summer Ready with These Must Have Skincare Products for 2024

Only 1 percent of people know about all these skincare products. This are also the best for both dry and oily skin in summer.

Hello guys welcome back to our Summer Skincare blogging website.

Today I decided that I wanted to share all the Skincare products that I think you should try in 2024.

These are like my best products that I’d say over the past year, maybe even longer than that.

I’ve been using it and loving it. I want to put you guys onto some new brands that you maybe don’t know yet.

Skincare Essentials for Makeup Removal

I think I’m first going to start out with cleansing products, more specifically makeup removal.

Garnier Micellar Water With Vitamin C

The first one we all know is the Garnier Micellar Water with Vitamin C 125 ml.

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This is the one for sensitive skin.

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You might have a small bottle because you use it to take off your brow makeup, eyebrow makeup, anything on your eyes and then concealer and mascara. all with a cotton round. I feel like everyone knows this.

This has been a staple in my scar routine for many years.

numbuzin – No.3 Pore & Makeup Cleansing Balm

It’s a little oily hold on the Numbuzin Pore and Makeup Cleansing Balm so I love using this to break down makeup.

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It works really great because it looks kind of scary because of the colour. But, you just know rub this into your makeup and it dissolves it.

You can either just rinse it off, which I will also do sometimes or I use one of those makeup removers like they’re kind of like um actually I don’t know what fabric they are I’ll put a picture on.

So there are two cleansers that I’m obsessed with. This has just been best for so long .

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

This is basically all used. It’s the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser that will forever be my favourite.

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It is just so perfect it’s a gentle liquid formula that cleanses without over drying and stripping the skin.

It literally says that it’s for all skin types. It’s a mild cleanser that just does it for me all the time.

Skincare – Ant Tree Green Tea Fresh Cleanser

It never irritates my skin, it never burns when you use it like you can use this every day.

The product I’ve been using is the Ant Tree Green Tea Fresh Cleanser.

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It looks kind of weird cuz it’s brown. This works really great as well this was a great alternative for me again very gentle on the skin it just gets rid of like excess oils.

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It doesn’t strip my skin which you love and it says it as well here it has green tea extract and then gently refreshes and cleanses the skin while removing excess oils.

This is a korean skincare brand as well as numbuzin.

You really love korean skincare so, if you haven’t tried any yet let me be the one to put you on yeah this is a great alternative.

Daily Exfoliation

If I don’t have this one on hand but this is pretty much my everyday cleanser, My Daily exfoliant .

Polish Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant

I am able to use this daily at night time the Polish Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant.

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Honestly I slept on this for a while. I’ve tried it many times in the past and I didn’t feel like.

It worked for me. I first did it a few times a week and then I started doing it every single night.

You can put on a cotton round again korean skincare.

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Numbuzin Vitamin Nude Concentrated Pad

It’s how you get this glowy juicy skin. Numbuzin Vitamin Nude Concentrated Pad there’s just like pads in there.

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I was using this while I ran out of this one. I wouldn’t say it gives the exact same results

I feel like it again makes my skin very glowy and I really like the packaging.

I like that it’s in these like little so, you can just grab very convenient and just like easy and I love Numbuzin.

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It’s definitely one of my favourite korean skincare brands The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% Plus Zinc 1%.

Now if you have this one you don’t need this one because they both have nice Niacinamide.

Hydrated and Glowing Skin Serum

I feel like that would be a bit extra. This has definitely been one of those serums that I will gravitate towards .

I just need that extra glow on my face if I feel like my skin’s just looking dehydrated I will go for this one and I feel like it does a really really good job.

I would say it’s quite gentle on the skin you’re just looking for something more affordable.

I would say this is a great option as well but you could also opt for these and just kind of get like two in one.

D’ALBA Double Layer Revitalizing Serum

If that makes sense both are great though now this serum is one of the brands that I recently discovered like a few months ago it’s called d‘alba.

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This is their double layer revitalising serum. This serum is so beautiful this gives my skin the most beautiful glow.

It has white truffles in there. I feel like this is such a luxurious type of skincare brand compared to a numbuzin like it’s giving luxury and I love that it has like a double layer so as you leave it it’s going to look separate.

It looks kind of like dry and powdery and cakey as soon as I put this on it transforms my makeup and so I love using it most in my makeup routine but I also love using it in my Summer Skincare Routine.

When I want to get that extra glow if I’m lazy and I just quickly want to do something like I’ll just spray this as my serum kind of my toner this is like one of my best.

So, I would definitely say get your hands on this yeah .

I love using this underneath makeup and just overall this is my best.

Multi-function Moisturizer

It’s the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré Moisturiser that’s what it is yeah this is in french. but, down here it says Multifunction Moisturiser.

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I’m guessing that it is like the english name of it ran out and I was so sad I could tell that I didn’t have it and like my skin.

Just does not look the same especially when I put my makeup on.

I feel like this is one of those products that a lot of makeup artists use and that’s just kind of like a staple in a lot of people’s routines and kits.

It’s as good as everyone says it is so charlotte tilbury cream.

This is the magic cream which I have a little tiny one.

I’ve used the magic cream many times in the past and I love it.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

It’s kind of like a thicker formula which I like using for nighttime. I think this is a newer product , the Charlotte’s Magic Water Cream.

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This is like a lot more a lot lighter super glowy this has kind of been my substitute.

Why I ran out of this one I wouldn’t say it’s the same product.

I feel like this is lighter and a bit more slippery. But, it gives a beautiful finish to the skin so I would definitely recommend looking into this one.

I love that they have like refillable packages. You can like take this out and then keep the case which I think is really nice so if anything changes in the background.

Gisou Honey Infused Beauty Balm

I’m back with another moisturiser that I want to share with you is the Gisou Honey Infused Beauty Balm. So this one it’s very oily.

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I can show you it’s thicker and as it warms up in your hand.

It kind of becomes like an oil I love using after I’ve had facials.

Where my skin is peeling and it’s just so dry it was also sick like a few months ago.

I kept obviously having to like blowing my nose and my nose got super dry and flaky.

So, I started putting this on love using this a lot especially when I’m peeling and like my skin really dry and sensitive.

I feel like this just works really well and you can also use this for other things .

I’m pretty sure this is not just for the skin of your face and you can probably use this on your body anywhere else probably.

Skincare Sun Protection Essentials

Your lips it’s kind of like a multi-functional bomb obviously spf is really really important and my favourite.

Skincare – d’Alba UV Essence Waterfull SPF 50 Sun Cream

d’Alba UV Essence Waterfull SPF 50 Sun Cream that I only discovered a few months ago.

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You can use this actually in morning time this will work good.

It’s the d’Alba UV Essence Sun Cream. I love this.

I just saw this is so amazing. What I love most about this is the fact that it’s spf50.

It has no white cast and it gives me the Glowiest Skin ever without being greasy or like pore clogging. I’ve never had an SPF this great.

I’m not lying when I say that like I’m for real this stuff is so good now I did run out of this. read this blog to known full Morning Skincare Routine in 2024.

Recently I was so sad I didn’t have it for probably like maybe a month or like 3 weeks and in the meantime.

Skincare – ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel

I’ve been using the ISNTREE Hyaluronic Acid Watery Sun Gel SPF 50 PA++++ 50ml.

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Which is my second favourite. I like it because it doesn’t have a white cast, maybe like a tiny bit and it’s very moisturising but it’s not as glowy as this one so like this is my favourite.

When I’m out of this one I will opt for this one. It’s beautiful it says no white cast on there.

While I don’t really use any acne treatment products. But, I do have this one product which I’ve used a few times.

Skincare – Fenty Skin Blemish Defeat’r Gel

I really enjoy it’s the Fenty Skin Blemish Defeat’r BHA Spot-Targeting Gel so what this actually does is it kind of puts a layer on top of your blemish.

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You can like put makeup on top of it if I’m breaking out bad I usually won’t really put on makeup.

If I had to put on like a full face this is what I would put on like an inflamed pimple or like anything that’s like you don’t want to get your makeup on even if you’re not putting on makeup.

This puts a layer over your blemish but like I said I don’t really use any like acne spot treatments.

Just because I really don’t break out that often and if I have any breakouts I kind of just leave them and just make sure that I like using all my products.

I feel like if I keep up with my Skincare Routine I don’t really break out unless it’s hormonal.

Yeah but if you guys have any recommendations when it comes to acne treatment products just leave them in the comments down below.

I really wanted to share my lip product which is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask.

But, I literally ran out of my last and all I have now is like a little bit of the the glowy balm.

Which is my second favorite, this one’s my favourite for on the go vanilla is my absolute favorite.

I feel like that’s like a big product. I would say that’s me in a product morning at night like after I finish my Summer Skincare Routine.

Do share this blog with all your friends and if you have not subscribed to the email.

Yet, then please, my brother, do subscribe to the blog quickly.


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