Best Summer Skincare Routine Every Man Needs in 2024

Best Summer Skincare Routine Every Man Needs in 2024

In today’s blog, it the most demanding post on our website.

Summer Skincare Routine, acne, pimples, dark spots, skin, excessive sweating, tanning All these are common things, if you want your skin to look perfect.

This post is for every men what ever may be Summer Skincare Routine for Oily Skin or Summer Skincare Routine for dry skin. but if you are not able to understand where to start then don’t worry, your brother is here today.

Skin Care Tips for Summer in India

Your brother is going to tell you the summer skincare routine from morning till night.

Which will be very less for you, so sit comfortably and read this our blog. Isn’t it going to take your skincare to the next level.

So now let’s go straight to the blog. First of all, understand that whenever it comes to skincare, these 2 things run parallel.

That is your diet and your skincare because no matter how good you follow the skincare routine.

If you are doing garbage then you will not get the results, that is why we are going to add some things which can make your skin can look more glowing in summer.

Morning Skincare Routine

First let’s talk about the morning skincare routine. After waking up in the morning, the first thing you have to do.

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This juice on your stomach and if you do not want to argue a lot about this Aloe Vera Juice on the skin, then spoon it inside. You can also mix juice. What will happen if you consume it on an empty stomach?

It is rich in vitamin C Your skin will look much more glowing. You will not have any dark spots etc.

After this, the 2 things you have to do is this. After waking up in the morning, splash your face with cold water. Basically, what will happen with this? Now when you sleep, this is a very popular acne on your face. Your face looks quite decorated.

This is cold water, isn’t it? What will it do?

It will reduce the appearance of coffee and make your face look more energetic.

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After this, the next step is rose water. Now see, it is rose water. It has a calming effect when you apply it on your skin. Your skin gets a lot of coolness.

What happens inside our skin? It becomes very inflamed due to heat.

When you supply water daily, what happens is that your skin will cool.

You need to make toner from rose water, or you can purchase rose water from outside.

Afterward, you should spray it on your face. Following this, what you need to do is yoga.

If you do breathing practice inside samaras, then it is very beneficial for you.

This is because it reduces your stress and also solves the problems like acne etc. On your face.

Shower Routine

After doing yoga for 15 to 20 minutes, I came to take a bath but here is a mistake which many people make.


That is after doing yoga you immediately go to take a bath or after doing yoga, you immediately have some breakfast.

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You do not have to do this, you have to give rest to your body for 30 to 35 minutes, after that you can go to take a bath.

Talking about bathing, let me also explain to you the shower routine.

If you follow this routine then basically what will happen to you is tanning. You will not have to face this problem if your elbows are dark or if your elbows are dark. Is it dark?

This problem will be solved. What is the first thing you need? Now basically what is the skin of your body? It is too much.

It will not be cleaned just by rubbing it with your hands.

What is the 2 reason you need? What is your back?

Your hand does not reach here, because of which your back is not this dirty, to clean it.

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If you do it with a loofah, then basically what will happen is that your back will be cleaned properly.

The second thing you need is a stone, I mean scrubbing stone.

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This will basically help in solving the problem of your dark elbows and your dark spot. I mean, you have to do this only two or three times a week.

The 3 things is face wash, but understand one thing, you have to wash your face after doing everything,

That is after taking a bath, otherwise what will happen if you do face wash first.

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After that, if you shampoo whatever shampoo you have will come on your face.

So, it would be best that you do the face wash last. Apart from this, one more thing, whatever face wash you are using, it should not.

Let it stay on your face for 2 minutes. After face wash, there are three very mandatory steps.

First of all you have to clean your face with a clean cloth.

Do not use any such cloth which you can use on any other body part. You are doing it with fixed oil for the face.

Do it with the 2 most important steps may be in Summer Fridays Skincare or Saturday.

Moisturization in Skin

If you are thinking that brother, we do not need moisturiser in samarth, then my brother, this is a very wrong approach.

MEN APPLY Moisturization in Skin.

Moisturize your skin during summer. You also need moisturiser and you can use any of them but just remember one thing.

Which is to control your oil like The Derma Coco hoile calamine now there are two products in this range.

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The first one is 6% calamine mate face lotion and second comes 2% highlight elimin oil control face wash.

Now this 6% highlight calamine is not a face lotion, it is going to be of little use to you, now first of all understand what is calamine, now basically it contains calamine is clay and also hyaluronic acid.

When there is a combination of these two, then what does it do?

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It not only controls the excess oil on your skin but also absorbs it, due to which you get a smooth finish.

Calamine has antibacterial properties which removes your black heads and white heads and hydronic acid.

Which hydrates your skin, it also has SP 20 which makes people young and now protest against race.

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Apart from controlling your mobile, it will also help you in fading your acne marks and their second product is 2% hill calamine oil control face wash.

This is the ssc oil which is dart from your skin purse. Neither does it remove it. Since it contains acid, it keeps your skin hydrated. Also, because it contains calamine, it eliminates oil.

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Now it is super easy to do this, just like you wash your face, you have to wash your face, after that you have to apply this lotion, you can click the below image to purchase.

After this comes the third essential step, your Sunscreen.

Apply Sunscreen in Skin

The sunscreen you select should be double plus and at the same time, it should be providing SF 50 Detalist, apart from that, it means that after applying it, you will not have problems like acne etc.

MEN Apply Sunscreen in Skin.

Now many of you, my brothers are like this.

You have to apply it again within an hour, so that there is no tanning on your skin.

Now how do you have to do this? You listened to the foreign example, you applied in the skin around 10:00.

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Just for 4 hours? Now around one or 2 o’clock, what you have to do is at 2:00. Take a cotton pad and clean your face thoroughly.

After this, you have to reapply the sunscreen if you want.

If you are in school etc. Then you can do this 20-25 minutes before dismissal from school.

In college you can do this. In fact, if you go to office etc. Then before dismissal in the evening, if you are doing this at 4-5 pm.

Before that, you must do this step so that there is no timing on your screen.

Evening Routine

The 2 thing you have to do is that in the evening you must consume two fruits, the first is pineapple and the second thing is coconut water.

Evening Routine FOR MEN.

Basically, what is it? In the summer, our skin becomes very dehydrated. Now this coconut water, what will it do basically?

It will also give a lot of hydration to your skin. Apart from this, if your skin looks very dull, it looks heavy.

Then this coconut water will help you in re-energizing you and the second thing that you have to consume is pineapple, brother pineapple has done magical work for my skin.

Hydration through Fruits

Benefits of Eating Seasonal Fruits During Summer Season

Benefits of Eating Seasonal Fruits During Summer Season.

Fruit is a great source of vitamins because it’s warmer outside and we sweat more in the summer, which means our bodies require more fluids and nutrients.

Vitamins C, A, and E are abundant in fruits including oranges, strawberries, watermelons and peaches. These vitamins support healthy skin and immune system function.

Here I will tell you two things, if you go towards watermelon or if you go towards the juice of song, then maybe you are facing the problem of acne because personally I have faced this.

I don’t know why watermelon is giving me acne. But actually this acne definitely comes to the country.

So if you too are prone to acne, then avoid watermelon a little, more butter will be better.

Now our night skin care routine has come big.

The first step is to shower.

The second step is whatever you did in the morning.

You have to follow exactly the same thing, only 2 things have to be removed from it, firstly the loop of yours prevents you from doing it again and secondly you do not have to apply this lotion on your face again.

I will tell you what to do, if your skin remains very dry.

Then you can do aloe vera gel, if your skin remains very oil.

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Then you can do it. Vitamin c serum is very good for you.

Apart from this, if you have problems like acne etc. Then you can take a face clean gel like this.

After washing your face, apply it on your eyelids. You will notice in two-three days whether you had acne or not. It will completely disappear.

You have to do these 3 things twice a week. First comes the multani mitti face pack, it is very beneficial for your skin.

2 things do face scrub, whatever face scrub is on your skin.

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You can take whatever suits you best, you can check out some below.

The third thing you need is a moment off mask due to which you can.

It is white you can remove your black heads easily and your skin looks very clean.


It looks very clear, apart from this, your skin also has this tone, so that was all in today’s blog.

I hope you liked our blog today’s video. You must have liked it and this Skincare Routine is going to be very best for summer brother.

If you want a very clear skin serum, this routine is such that it will definitely help you.

Do share this blog with all your friends and if you have not subscribed to the email

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